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Two versions are available:

1. Standard units from 0.5 to 40 hp, economically priced and based on K, L, 2S, 3S,4S and 6S compressors, using reed valve technology. Models from 2 hp and above are also available with a large sized condenser (from 3 hp with twin fans), suitable for extreme conditions like high evaporating and/or high ambient temperatures. All units are fit for both medium and low temperature applications. For R22 low temperature applications, 3S, 4S and 6S compressors are supplied with a discharge gas temperature protection valve.
2. High efficiency Copeland Discus™ units featuring Discus® valve compressor technology, covering models from 5 to 40 hp. These units are specifically suitable for those applications where high efficiency is required. For R22 low temperature applications, a liquid injection system is required (Demand Cooling). Condensing units available with this system are indicated by “DC” in the nomenclature. For very low temperature applications, units with 2-stage compressors in the range of 15 to 25 hp are available.

Models supplied with ester oil are capable of operating with R404A, R507, R407C, R134a or R22, thus suitable for a broad range of refrigerants and applications. Note: units with compressors D2S, D3S, D4S and D6S are only available for R404A and R22. Models rated for R404A may also be applied with R507. In this case, multiply stated cooling capacity by 1.03 and power input and motor current by 1.02.

Standard Equipment
- Single-phase motor with thermal overload protector
- 3-phase motor protected by thermistors in motor windings and overload protector in the terminal box
All compressors are suitable for direct starting. To reduce inrush currents, motors for star-delta or part-winding start are available on units of 4.5 hp and above. An unloaded start device is available as option for all units with star-delta or part-winding start motors. Compressors are equipped with suction and discharge valves with gauge connections and an oil sight glass.


- Copper tubes with aluminium fins
- Steel frame with fan baffle

- With and UDT approval
- Sight glass with receivers from 11.5 l onwards
- Equipped with Rotalock valve and pressure relief valve connection

Fan motors
- Thermally protected, single-phase fans
- Run capacitor mounted and wired into terminal box
- Applicable for fan speed control
- Maintenance free

High / low pressure switch with automatic reset
High pressure safety cut-out (instead of HP / LP switch) for units with compressors with a displacement of 50m3/h (50Hz) or larger
Differential oil pressure switch (OPS1) for models of 4.5 hp and above

Electrical box
Applied on twin fan models as well as on all single-phase versions. The single-phase equipment for compressor and fan is mounted and wired in the terminal box for easy installation.

Protection (class)
- Compressor, fan and differential oil pressure switch IP54
- High / Low pressure switch IP44
- All condensing units are supplied with a holding charge

Optional Accessories
- Crankcase heater
- Unloaded start
- Fan speed controller
- Housing
- Discharge gas temperature protection valve (DTC) for R22 low temperature application units with D3S, D4S and D6S
Compressors - Liquid receivers with larger volume versus standard mounted

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