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Features and Benefits:

The Digital modulated variable capacity ZXD MT CDU comes with Emerson Climate Technologies proven “EC2-552” controller.

The EC2 controller provides real time load estimation and controls the delivered capacity by changing the Digital modulation rate. The controller also provides the basic protection including the high discharge temperature trip. The controller also displays the suction pressure, saturated evaporating temperature based on the suction pressure, modulation rate and discharge line temperature.

The controller has manual and web enabled interface for setting up the initial parameters required to be set up.

Emerson’s highly successful Copeland® brand scroll compressors drive the high efficiency of the ZX platform of CDUs. Over 50 millions Copeland® brand scroll compressors sold across the globe stand testimony to the extraordinary confidence and success in our scroll technology.

The ZX range of MT CDUs benefits from patented scroll suction injection technology. This allows the scroll compressor to provide a superior MT envelope.

ZXD range of Digital modulated MT CDUs benefit from the patented Digital scroll technology. This allows a simple and very reliable variable capacity system at MT envelope.

ZX LT CDU applies vapor injection technology. This allows an economizer cycle on scroll compressors. Vapor injection significantly improves the LT operational efficiency and extends the LT envelope.

Emerson Climate Technologies continues to focus on the ZX CDU platform to develop discernibly superior solutions for the demanding refrigeration market.

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